Awnings & Entryways – Doorway to Exterior Signage

Posted on March 27, 2015

When businesses lined storefronts in gentrified downtown districts, every shop had an awning. There was no pylon on which to place a lighted sign, or an open area of ground to build a monument sign – so a little piece of vinyl or aluminum over the sidewalk was the best way to get the attention of passerbys in the street. Today, whether your business is located on a street corner or in a shopping mall, the opportunities presented by a quality awning or entryway are greater than ever, as they have become less common, and stand out more.

Storefront Awnings

Classic Style Store Front Awning

Traditionally, Store Front Awnings were used to list products offered.

There was a time when every shop and store had an awning out front indicating all of the things a store offered, from cold cuts to cold beer. When shops and stores were less common, it was important to let potential customers know that you carried just what they were looking for, and they didn’t need to look any further. Vast banners and hand-painted signs listed dozens of products and left little room for branding. We’ve all passed an old shop somewhere that appears to be named “Beer & Wine”. If they are branded at all, it’s very hard to find.


Store Front Awning - Advertising

We can probably guess what a store called “Tux” offers. The logo is much more important.

In the modern day, information about what your store offers is much more easy to come by, via advertising, the internet and social media. It’s often now much more important to remind customers where you are than what you have. A great storefront awning can accomplish just that, incorporating your color scheme, logo and a distinctive pattern in attractive, long lasting vinyl, metal or the material of your choice.




Business Entryways

Business Entryway Awning

This is not a pawn shop – this is an establishment. And our awnings keep the windows shaded!

Like an awning, an entryway covering is a great way to add branding to the front of your business, while also enhancing the atmosphere of your location. Sometimes called¬†Doorway Awnings, Entryway Awnings or just plain Entryways – a little branded vinyl or waterproof fabric suspended above your business’ doorway will keep your customers dry, show off your location, and provide a sense of grandeur for your business. It can even reduce your cooling bill!

Whether you own a classy italian restaurant, an apartment building that needs to stand out from a thousand others on the same block, or a local cell phone retailer, an entryway awning is a great way to help customers know they are entering an establishment – somewhere to be trusted, respected – and returned to.

Putting It All Out Front

A new awning or entryway cover for your business or organization is a great way to stand out from the crowd and reassure your customers that they’ve come to the right place. Image360 offers a many various custom options for awnings and entryway covers for your business. Contact your local store now for a free consultation on awnings or other signage options for your business!

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