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Posted on August 18, 2015
Painted Window Sign

This is cute and functional – but what do you do when the price changes? (VIA www.thewindowartist.com)

Backtrack 20 years, and a Sign in a Business’ Window is just that – a sign in their window. ¬†Maybe scrawled on a hunk of cardboard, or hand painted directly on the glass. Perhaps rubbed on with garishly colored shoe-polish that leaves an oily film. Any way you slice it, window signs have been around for a long time, but have all had their issues.

Signs printed on paper or board and then hung on the window seem somewhat cheap, and separated from the storefront or location, and they also may block out much more of the window than you’d intend them to, with necessary borders and extra space. Hand painted signs on glass are usually a beautiful, colorful choice, but they can be expensive and time consuming to change, as well as susceptible to chipping, peeling and fading over time. If an offer changes, you must call the artist back to change the sign, and until you do, you’ll deal with complaints and questions. Then there’s temporary signs, painted on with Shoe Polish or other colorful rubs. Easily changed and removed, these signs have an arduous cleanup process, and don’t last through touches and poor weather. Each type of window sign above has their benefits, but new options go far beyond ¬†anything previously offered.

Modern Window Logos – Transparently Better



Consistent, Lasting, and Easily Removed, vinyl graphics are the best choice for Window Logos.

Vinyl Window Graphics offer a new level of window signage ease and adaptability, perfect for any situation. From full, multi window advertisements to small, semi-transparent faux-etchings, these graphics are fully adaptable.

One of the most common forms of window graphic is the door and window logo. Above all, logos must be consistent to satisfy brand marketing. Every time someone sees your business logo, there should be no doubt that it is YOUR business logo. This means that hand painted signage often won’t fit the bill – even very good artists find it difficult to exactly replicate a logo every time. Then of course, there’s the matter of rental space – your business’ landlord may not approve more permanent signage, such as painted glass – the easily removed vinyl window graphics will satisfy the landlord’s demands.

While it would be possible to hang a printed sign on paper, cardboard or plastic inside the window, this would both feel less permanent and block sunlight and views into the business. That’s why vinyl window signage is the best choice for logos.

Make new Products & Events Visible


Mesh style window graphics create a large display board without interfering with business.

You may want to advertise to customers passing by your business, without leaving customers already inside your business in the dark. Vinyl window graphics offer a great opportunity that other signage types don’t – a mesh style printing that shows your message clearly to those passing by, but still lets the sunlight in for those inside. Most people have seen graphics of this type in the back window of your neighborhood pickup truck or the like – but these signage options are making their way into restaurants, retailers and anyone who needs to satisfy folks inside and out.

Create Privacy – Affordably


“Etch” and “Frost” you office windows without ever calling a glass contractor – with vinyl graphics!

When you’d like to separate one area of your business or building from another, but building a partition wall just won’t do, Vinyl Window Graphics can provide a smoked, etched look to an easily installed glass or acrylic partition. For a fraction of the cost of new construction or having actual glass etched, you can create the same classy effect and generate the privacy needed to conduct business the way you want.


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