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Posted on March 14, 2014

In our technology-saturated society where every car and smartphone comes equipped with the latest mapping technology, directions can only take you as far as the street address. But what happens when someone arrives at a retail center, professional building, residential community, government facility, or worst of all, an institution like a hospital or school with a massive, daunting campus? People rely on wayfinding and direction signage to figure out where to park, where to enter a building and, ultimately, how to find their destination inside.

The indispensable need for this type of visual communications makes it one of the most important elements of our business. The best part is, wayfinding signage does not necessarily have to pander to the established standard, although this is prevalent at many facilities. Innovative approaches to wayfinding projects abound, and the experts at Image360 can offer you some fresh ideas and inspiration for reaching this profitable market.

As the American Society for Landscape Architects notes, high quality direction signs are a critical marketing tool for businesses and communities, ensuring that visitors & customers know not only how to get around, but also informing them of new and interesting places to go and products to consider.

Apply with panache
Axel Peemoeller Parking Garage Wayfinding Sign

Direction Signs with Block Print and Arrows don’t call attention very well.

One of the greatest benefits we can offer our clients in this industry is creativity. While there may always be a need for entrance and direction signs, at Image360 we always seek to be on the cutting edge of visual communications and are constantly looking for opportunities to expand and innovate with our graphic solutions.

With a creative mind and enough determination, visual wayfinding applications can range from novel to truly groundbreaking. One of the most unique examples that we have ever seen was a parking garage installation from artist Axel Peemoeller that used enormous anamorphic words to indicate the direction of travel. And while this manner of wayfinding isn’t appropriate for most facilities, it is a good reference point for thinking outside of the box.

One way of differentiating your direction signs from the glut of standard solutions is to experiment with the manipulation of graphics. Through rendering visuals in nonstandard colors, shapes and sizes, you can pique clients’ interest and provide stimulation in an environment that rarely dictates such responses.

Image360 has countless custom solutions, including wall, window, ceiling and floor graphics. In fact, we can apply custom wayfinding visuals to just about anything! And our gifted graphic designers can design to your specifications or fashion one-of-a-kind images to direct your clients to their destination.

A digital path

In the modern world, signage needs to serve many purposes. Digital signage converts in a jif.

In the business world, grabbing your customers’ attention and making an immediate impact is critical to achieving success. Digital signage has long held the promise of providing the ultimate marriage of flexibility and dynamic messaging with a high-impact medium. However, many businesses seem to shy away from digital signage products because of acquisition costs, complex implementation and limited usability.

As digital signage has become increasingly cost-effective and versatile, it is an indispensable element in any signage system. Digital solutions have many benefits, such as advertising cost reduction, web connectivity, ease of updating and it can also be a great showcase of a business’s portfolio. With everything that digital signage can do, why can’t it be used for wayfinding too?

Advancements in materials and processes allow for greater creativity than ever before. You can take advantage of the latest in digital technologies to devise innovative wayfinding signage systems and stand out from the crowd. The latest digital displays allow customers to update directories with the touch of a button and are a quick and easy way to showcase a business as modern and sophisticated.

This is an especially advantageous solution for large facilities. Interactive, touch-screen digital signage can help visitors identify specific locations by name or category, provide pertinent information about the location, map primary and alternative routes, provide special event and sale information, as well as delivering other valuable material.

Experiment with design

For many years wayfinding signs had a uniform appearance, but current technologies provide as many different opportunities to customize signage as our designers have ideas. In today’s business atmosphere,


Follow the Dinosaur Footprints… if you dare!

differentiation is imperative and wayfinding can be a great tool for your customers to reinforce their brand.

Some of the smarter wayfinding signage that we’ve seen involves the use of hands and feet to indicate direction. Metal signage in the shape of hands pointing the way, colossal, multi-colored feet steadily showing the way to destinations, and large, free-standing signs that actually create pathways are just a drop in the bucket.

At Image360, we can create wayfinding that will be functional—standing up to extreme weather conditions—and consistent with your brand. We have designed signage that mimics driftwood and treasure maps, created directional arrows and icons used on hand-carved signs and utilized unique materials to create state-of-the-art wayfinding displays.

Wayfinding signs are a necessity for most businesses, and the Image360 experts can provide results that are anything but formulaic and humdrum. Our creative solutions and quality products will undoubtedly revolutionize your wayfinding system and will show your clients that in addition to providing incomparable service, you are on the cutting edge of signage modernization.


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