Five fascinating blogs to Stimulate Creativity

Posted on January 24, 2014

There comes a time in every designer’s life when the entire world seems to exist in shades of gray and creative inspiration just won’t come to us. It’s no different here at Image360. Creative design on demand can be a daunting task; causing you to envy all those in less exciting careers who never need to come up with a creative thought on deadline. But before you succumb to ennui and turn in your mouse consider this: Great ideas most often arise from other great ideas.  So if you want to recharge your creative batteries, get out into the world of design and see what’s going on. Here are five fascinating design blogs we found to inspire and stimulate creativity:

The Architecture Blog

Stimulate Creativity and get your Swagger Back

Need to get your creative swagger back? Stimulate Creativity with these 5 blogs! (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

No formal articles here, just beautiful photos of great architectural ideas. When you see something fabulous you can click through to the original articles and see more. This Tumblr blog is curated by someone with great taste in both architecture and photography. In all that glorious architectural eye candy you’re sure to find a spark to fire up your creativity.

Desire to Inspire

If you’re just looking for interior design ideas, Desire to Inspire is an excellent place to start. This blog is run by two women, both of whom have an eye for creating the perfect room. Whether the style is rustic, modern, formal or casual, these ladies will discover it and feature it.

Dezeen Magazine Blog

Dezeen (a nickname for Design Magazine) offers an architectural focus. Here you’ll find the latest architectural trends features, along with outstanding ideas for lighting and transport. There’s also a clear, environmentally-friendly slant and a whole section dedicated to green design. With the wide variety of articles, you’re sure to finds something to stimulate your creative focus.

A Daily Dose of Architecture

This blog is maintained by John Hill, a 38-year-old architect, blogger and author who has emerged in recent years on one of architecture’s great communicators. He has the uncanny ability to communicate the esthetics of outstanding architecture in terms that make sense to non-architects. While the blog has a New York City focus, the ideas are universal. That’ll drive creativity for any communicator.

2modern blog

This blog has 20 creative contributors with the self-imposed mission of curating all things that are modern, hip, trendy, innovative and cool and bringing them to you each week. Whether it’s an incredible building being built halfway across the world or a neat DIY project, their objective is to showcase only the best and brightest ideas in the world today. It’ll leave a creative spark in your mind and an urge to make things happen.

So there you have it; a handful of places that provide refuge from the doldrums and have the capacity to send you in delightful new directions of thought. Image360 is always there to help with a creative concept, too — providing creative ideas is a major part of what we do!

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