Geniuses Pick Green- Environmentally Friendly Signs

Posted on April 17, 2015

Green, Environmentally Friendly Signage“Say, that’s a nice sign you’ve got for your business, there. I like that you can change what it says without replacing it – Did you pick it out? Oh, the signage professionals at Image360 Signs & Graphics did? You know, they say geniuses pick green.” All kidding aside, there are a thousand ways that the signage industry is leading the way in green, environmentally friendly advertising. Learn about a few of the ways that Image360 is at the forefront.

Urban Beautification – Vinyl Wraps

Not only is our first element environmentally friendly, but it’s also environmentally attractive! Image360 Fort Lauderdale worked together with the Downtown Development Authority of Fort Lauderdale to wrap downtown signal boxes in beautiful, floral graphics, hiding rust, damage, and potentially harmful chemical paint behind a layer of clean, recyclable vinyl graphics.

According to Keen For Green Blog, Vinyl is one of the most recyclable plastics, including wraps! So when these signal boxes have outlived their usefulness, the wraps can be peeled off and turned into siding, playground equipment, or plumbing fixtures!

Helping Energy Companies Reduce their Footprint – Whiteboards

Reusable Dry Erase BoardsYou wouldn’t think that work for an Oil & Gas company could be environmentally friendly, but Image360 – Littleton, CO accomplished that by helping Extraction Oil & Gas Co install whiteboards all over their primary office building. These reusable, versatile magnetic whiteboards allow Extraction Oil & Gas to operate with less electricity, less paper, and fewer deliveries – all of which improves their bottom line, and more importantly, their environmental impact.

When it comes to saving the planet, signage seems like small potatoes, but sometimes we can make an impact in the prime target area.

What’s more Green than Solar Energy – Event Signage

When Image360 – Atlanta, GA had a chance to put together Event Signage for the launch of the world’s largest Solar Power Plant, they didn’t hesitate. They made sure that the grand opening ceremony for the Ivanhoe Solar-Thermal Power Station was grand indeed. When the world sits up and takes notice of a true effort to be green, it’s something to truly be appreciated.

Digital Green – The Signage Wave of the Future

The real problem with many signs is that they have an expiration date. Is that sale seasonal? Are you planning to remodel or expand? Is she going to retire and take her name plate with her? Fortunately, Image360 has a solution for that as well. Don’t replace another sign without learning what Image360 Signs & Graphics can do to take you digital. A digital sign has no expiration date, and so saves money, energy, resources and space in the landfill! Best of all, someday when you finally DO need to upgrade again, digital signs are 100% recyclable.

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