Your Gift Can Create An Impression That Lasts

Posted on November 22, 2013

As the holiday season approaches, businesses everywhere are choosing this year’s round of client holiday gifts. Why send clients a holiday gift? Sending a holiday gift is a great way to make another impression by showing your appreciation for their business. Choosing the right gift means your client will remember you throughout the year. But as customers start receiving gift baskets en masse what can you do to make your gift the star of the season? The guidelines below will ensure your gift stands out from the crowd and your client remembers your brand long after the holidays have passed.

Send your gift/card/greetings before or after the major holidays

Consider sending your gift or holiday card around Thanksgiving. Take the opportunity to reach your business clients before anyone else does and avoid getting lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Do you work with retail businesses? Think about targeting your gift around Black Friday or Small Business Saturday. You can also take advantage of the post-holiday let down by sending a gift or card for New Years.

Don’t send everyone the same thing

All of your clients are valuable, but you just don’t have the budget to send everyone the same high-price customized gift every year. Consider dividing your clients and prospects into categories based on sales. Give your top 10 percent of clients a thoughtful quality gift; the next 15 percent a thoughtful, but less expensive gift and send the remainder of your clients a holiday card. For example, you can send your top clients a leather padfolio, your second set of clients a branded notebook and send the remainder a holiday greetings card. Tweak the suggested percentages based on your budget and what’s right for your clients.

Find a gift that fits with their brand

For your top clients send a gift that resonates with their company, something they will actually use or appreciate. Use social media to research what may appeal to your client or create a poll on your social media accounts to see what gifts your clients are most excited to receive.

Be creativeImage360 Custom Promotional Products

Don’t be afraid to incorporate the culture of your company into your gift. Adding your brand’s “personality” will help make the gift and your company more memorable.

Let the customer choose

Consider giving your customers the option to forgo the holiday gift and make a donation to a charity in their name instead. Programs like allow you to order gift cards to the site and have the recipient choose the project they want to support. Allowing customers to choose where to make the contribution gets them more involved in the gift and more likely to remember who sent it.

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