The Hottest Marketing Trends for 2014

Posted on January 10, 2014

The problem with making predictions for the “foreseeable” future is that no one can actually foresee the future. Even Nostradamus went off the rails most of the time! That said it’s still possible to take a look around us andImage360 2014 Marketing Trends see where things are headed in the year ahead. Looking into our crystal ball, here are several hot trends we see on the rise in 2014:

Content is King — Content marketing is moving to the forefront of the way to grow our businesses. We’re going to see new tools, new communities created and new resources all focused on improving and expanding the useful content of websites for business. Along with this we’re going to see better content analytics and measurement.

Omni-channel Marketing — Mobile analytics and mobile marketing are paving the way for effective omni-channel marketing. This year it’s going to take more than a great website to meet the mobile challenge. To raise the bar on customer experience we’ll need to be cross-device compatible and take advantage of feedback opportunities. The smartest marketers will be capturing the data and leveraging their personalization potential.

Image360 Customer LoyaltyLoyalty Marketing — Some of the biggest brands in the world have announced their key focus will be on customer loyalty this year. Marketers are pulling out all the stops to understand customer loyalty. We’ve also see more of what’s now being called “reciprocal loyalty,” in which customers that are loyal to a brand through advocacy and brand support are rewarded through tangible gifts, awards, enhanced customer service and an overall superior customer experience.

Paid Social Amplification — We’re likely to see marketers turn their efforts and budgets toward paid marketing on social platforms. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are loaded with opportunities for us to meet new customers. Newer platforms Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram will continue to provide more subtle ways for us to amplify our social presence.

The Internet of Things — “Say what?” You may be asking. You’re about to be surrounded by smart objects capable of communicating with each other without your intervention. One of those smart objects is likely to be a networked electronic digital display that “watches” passersby to see who’s looking, and then uses facial recognition technology to determine a demographic match to display appropriate advertising. These systems already are being tested in major airports.

That’s it – we’re taking off our swami turban now, but we’d like to leave you with this thought: Signage accounted for 15-40 percent of impulse visits, according to a 2001 study conducted by Claus, J. and Claus.depending upon the nature of the business, according to a 2001 study conducted by Claus, J. and Claus. Wherever your marketing plan takes you this year, don’t forget to pay attention to your visual communications and make sure they are sending the marketing message you need to attract new clients and keep your sales on the rise.

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