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Posted on October 16, 2015

Walk into any grocery store today and you’ll encounter a swath of Environmental Graphics. These signs and images are designed to fit within the environment they are displayed in organically – to make sense in the environment, to direct your travel around it, and to look very intentionally placed. Signage systems clearly denote where to find the deli, the seafood, and the laundry detergent – but there’s a modern trend towards making these signs homogeneous to the environment vs shooting for high visibility as they once did. Aisle signs are painted similar colors as the section in which they’re placed. Signs over the bakery are understated, warm, and follow the normal progression of the store, rather than screaming to all comers that, “THE BAKERY IS HERE!”

An associated trend with Environmental Graphics is Experiential Graphics. This new trend intends to make the graphics and signage of a location, building or business drive the entire experience. An auto dealership might use digital display podiums in the middle of their showrooms to help visitors see vehicle options – a theme park might include signboards explaining mindblowing facts about their new coaster that will make visitors happier to wait an hour or more just to experience a 2 minute ride. And a local deli might incorporate a changeable signboard to advertise where today’s local meats have come from.

Experiential SIgnage - Local VegetablesForging the Local Experience

If you’ve ever been to a Five Guys Burgers & Fries, you’ve seen a prime example of Experiential Signage. Five Guys prides themselves on being a different sort of fast food burger – with fresh beef and toppings, freshly assembled. Eager to build on that reputation, they’e adopted a bit of Experiential Signage at all of their locations in the form of a custom plastic sign and whiteboard combination. These signs are changed daily to show visitors that the restaurant is NOT a big, faceless corporation, and they know exactly where today’s french fries were grown.

This type of sign is becoming more common, and can be easily executed with custom engraved plastic, etched glass, or even a changeable digital display. When executing this type of experiential signage, it’s important to keep it branded with appropriate colors and shapes – in this case, Five Guys used their well know and branded red & white checkerboard theme which is seen much more profusely than their logo, and more memorable for it.

Tesla Dealership Experiential SignageSetting the Tone

Auto Dealership wishing to modernize themselves and present not just the cars, but the building and the company as hip and fresh have taken to a very special type of Experiential Graphics. Auto dealership don’t really need more branding. Everywhere you look, there’s a sign or a car badged for the brand in question. What they do need is something that pulls a visitor in and engages them until a salesman is present – or after he’s allowed them to look around. There’s no better way to improve an experience than by making it interactive. Cue Digital Experiential Signage.

Pillars located around the showroom showcasing colors, options, upcoming vehicles, specials and more offer an incredible opportunity to affect the experience of the visitor – and keep them engaged with the location. Many of these will be specifically related to specific vehicle lines – others provide access to the auto-manufacturer website in a unique touchscreen format. All enhance the environmental experience.

 Football Player GraphicAccenting an Experience

It’s easier than ever to make your business space an unforgettable experience with Custom Vinyl Graphics. Here, a sporting goods store has covered a bit of empty wall space with a life-size vinyl cutout of an unnamed football player.  Why would they do this? This player doesn’t work there. You can’t buy him. He’s not advertising anything. He’s not even a celebrity – but he does complete the experience.

This type of experiential graphic can be done cheaply, at almost any size, and applied in just a couple of hours or less. If you’re looking for a quick, affordable way to make your business space an experience, vinyl graphics and signage are definitely an excellent way to go.

Experience Image360

Image360′s owners recieve extensive training in branding, graphic design, and the other elements of Experiential Signage. Contact your local franchise today to learn more about what they can do for you! In the mean time, check out our infographic below for a few key tips on your own Experiential Signage.

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