Marketing Collaboration – Many Agencies, One Goal

Posted on March 5, 2014

Plumbers fix pipes. Electricians make the lights work. While the plumber might be able to get the lights on and the electrician could take a shot at making the toilets flush, it could also make for a dark and wet

Poor Solutions Arise When The Wrong Person Does The Job

Poor Solutions Arise When The Wrong Person Does The Job

house. Bringing in the right experts to support your business marketing initiatives is just as important to keeping your company’s lights on and facilities operating.

In terms of marketing your brand, this can often mean coordinating a number of experts in various fields to work together to develop complex or multi-faceted solutions. Rarely are printers experts in delivering website solutions, just as web developers don’t typically have high-end printing equipment. Bringing the two together, you can create a complete campaign solution that ties your outdoor signage to an online point of conversion.

Building a great project team and delivering a winning solution, is the culmination of planning, communication and adaptability. Planning leads to a clear vision for how best to deliver a successful marketing solution. Communication helps you keep a finger on the pulse of progress over the life of the project. Adaptability helps you succeed in spite of unforeseen obstacles.

‘Effective Marketing Requires – Planning, Communication and Adaptability’

Making use of the expertise of multiple teams to accomplish a marketing goal is similar to a relay race. Winning requires an all-star team, smooth transitions, and an understanding of the rules before the race ever begins. All of this comes from clarity in planning: Clear and open communication, well-defined expectations, and a unified support of the objectives. As long as the lanes are well defined, stepping out of them becomes less likely.

Hand off a marketing project to the expert agency

Hand off your marketing project to the next marketing agency

Early communication about the roles and responsibilities of each party involved is essential. Outlining milestones and who’s taking ownership in keeping each leg of the race will avoid missteps and missed opportunities. When you work with a team of consummate professionals no one wants to be the one to drop the baton.

Each hand off in the process must be timely and anticipated. Allowing each team ample time to complete their leg often relies on timely project executions by the other teams. Should you find your project’s finish line in jeopardy, or even approaching a precarious situation, it’s important to know that the partners you’re working with will rise to the occasion. First by alerting the stakeholders of the possible misstep, then by digging in and working hard, the team can get the project back on schedule.

Part of getting across the finish line also has to do with your team’s ability to change it’s approach to overcome the unforeseen. Often project goals and technical requirements can change mid-project, having agile and adaptive team members can make all the difference. Knowing how to manage the changing scope of a project due to external factors is part of the game, and the best players think fast on their feet.

Knowing where your marketing agency’s strengths lie and recognizing how others’ abilities can augment it can be a big step toward procuring business, keeping it and potentially growing it as well. The fact that you can tap into the collective knowledge, skills and expertise of your peers says a lot about your network, and signals a healthy business model to clients.

Pairing a great agency

Looking for a partner to fill one of the legs of your relay team? Opus Media is a Baltimore-based web design and full-service marketing boutique. Founded in 2008, we have spent the last six years embracing the unique challenges that our clients face in their various industries. Working hand-in-hand with our diverse clientele we have developed marketing solutions that overcome obstacles and help win the race for creative, and accountable marketing.

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