Next Dimension of Signage: 3D Printing

Posted on May 14, 2015
3D Printing Signage Wall Stitch

The “Wall Stitch Project” has stitched walls with deceptively accurate “hand embroidered” 3D printed signs.

A wall of yarn isn’t exactly what you would probably have in mind when someone mentions durable, eye-catching, clear signage. It’s probably also not what comes to mind for the latest in modern technology, either. And yet, that’s just what designers in Japan appear to have created with their “Wall Stitch Project”, an art gallery full of signage and art that appears to have been stitched or embroidered right into the walls – but is in fact 3D Printed element carefully hung. covers the strategy and technology behind the design firm’s endeavours.

Signage today has the unenviable task of getting people to stop, look up from their smartphones or tablets, and notice the world around them. 3D Printing, the next great signmaking technology, has the potential to do just that by confronting them with sensory input they don’t expect – seemingly impossible geometric shapes – physical renditions of imagined characters – even yarn stitched right into a wall. To get your signage to stand out, sometimes, you really need it to stand out!

The difference between Traditional Signs & 3D Signs

Image360 has, and continues, to offer the best in traditional signage options. Vinyl banners, hung engravings, vehicle graphics and digital signs all have their places in the business place and world. However, if you really want to catch eyes, engross the public, and make an impression, you need depth. You need dimension. That’s where 3D printing can take you to the next level.

No, it’s not a computer trick – it’s a real shape (courtesy fastcodesign). Imagine a rendering of your logo hanging in the air above your next trade show booth, or a physical representation of your virtual product available to hold and feel in company displays.

How Image360 Can Help

3D Dimensional Signage

3D Dimensional Signage

3D Dimensional Signage

3D printing has a number of advantages, but also disadvantages, among those are:

  • Some printers can have slow build rates, laying material at a rate of 1 to 5 cubic inches per hour.
  • High-quality, large-scale 3D printers can cost between $300,000 and $1.5 million, and materials can cost upwards of $150 per pound.
  • Dimensional accuracy and surface finishing may require additional post-manufacturing processes.
  • Elements can only be printed one at a time.
  • Eschewing large-scale, costly machines, components can only be printed in limited sizes.
  • Layering and multiple interfaces can lead to defects in the final product.

And virtually all 3D printers still print with just one type of material. Fortunately, Image360 has a solution. Our franchisees have the equipment and expertise to churn out amazing dimensional signage in a wide variety of materials including plastic, metal & wood board, with fascinating, eye catching elements.Learn more about what we can produce for you, today!

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