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Posted on January 17, 2014

As organizations continually seek to be more environmentally friendly in their day-to-day work, they’re seeking out materials that are “green” without sacrificing the integrity and durability of their visual communications. With the majority of the improvements within sign manufacturing involving inks and solvents, it’s rare to see changes in substrates or materials. Most have been around for decades. 

There’s a new product on the market that is quickly becoming a game changer sign materials. Along with its reduced environmental footprint, this new sheet is strong, light and offers unprecedented versatility for graphic applications. Constructed in the USA and made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, the new sign material takes its cue from nature using a honeycomb core, one of the strongest and most efficient structures known to man. 

Coroplast Sign Board Sign Making

“Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, Stinger™ rigid sign board offers versatility for graphic applications to withstand the toughest environments.”

-Coroplast Stinger Website

StingerTM Rigid Honeycomb Board by Coroplast® provides numerous benefits over the majority of rigid materials being used today. As a replacement for the common PVC, an equal sized sheet of StingerTM is roughly 60% lighter.  Packing, shipping and installation all benefit from the weight reduction.  Stinger is also recyclable and, if placed into the waste stream, doesn’t generate dioxins or other harmful byproducts in waste-to-energy systems, like PVC does.

For wet or damp environments, customers will find this new plastic sheet far superior to traditional corrugated, laminated or fluted core paperboard for their signs and signage projects. With its high level of water-resistance and non-yellowing surface, StingerTM can withstand the rigors of outdoor use better than most signage and decorative panels you see today.

Will StingerTM be appropriate for my graphics needs?  Printing on Stinger TM is no different than any other substrate or material. The 5mm sheet has a smooth, bright white surface that is treated to accept standard digital inks just like PVC, styrene laminated foam or any other material you have used historically.  Die-cutting is easy allowing for custom shaped displays.

For more details on why new StingerTM Rigid Honeycomb Board just might be the better choice for your signage and graphics, contact your Image360 graphics consultant today!

Sara Shaeffer

Franchise Marketing Manager

N. Glantz & Son


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