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Posted on June 17, 2014

In the immortal words of aging shock rocker Alice Cooper, “School’s out for summer.” Unfortunately for many school-age children, and a lot of teachers for that matter, the second line decreeing that, “School’s out forever,” is merely a happy thought to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation. The reality of the matters is that, in a couple short months, school will be back in session and students will be making their way back to those hallowed halls.

That being said, this is the perfect time for schools to begin updating their visual profile. With less people in the building and more time for planning, it’s important to take advantage of this downtime. And you’ll have the added bonus of seeing students wide eyed and mouths agape when they return to see the new school signage and graphics throughout.


Kids may have attended this school for four years and never read one name on this signage.

A class above – Educational School Signage

Spending a great deal of your adolescent life in classrooms of all shapes and sizes, it’s immediately obvious that many of them share a glaring commonality—outdated, worn school signage that are intended to supplement the practice of teaching. However, these tattered, defaced and decaying posters often have the opposite effect. They become fodder for graffiti, wads of chewing gum and general targets of students’ discontent as the years soldier on. Online retailers and educational stores that specialize in these products primarily produce these visuals in mass quantities, and in doing so, produce them in poor quality to save money and time. After all, these visuals are all-too-often an afterthought, a feeble attempt to cover lackluster wall space and impart age old values on students who could care less about what they have to say. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Perhaps a poster


…But more modern signage might help them learn some of their own history.

featuring a famous poet and one of their poems for an English classroom or a chart showing the various formulas for use in a trigonometry class would be effective. Better yet, create a clever infographic with your class rules that provides students with fun reminders of what’s expected and accepted in the classroom. 

Halls to be proud of – Spirit School Signage

Besides the need for exciting, educationally relevant visuals in the classrooms, the hallways of these institutions of higher learning are quite often just as bland and uninteresting as the room visuals. This is due in large part to the increased foot traffic in these areas and the lack of possible overseeing and care for these spaces.

The common areas of any school are some of the best candidates for updated graphics and visual communications. We’ll bet the school’s entranceway would look great with a large wall or floor application featuring the school mascot or slogan. Additionally, many schools are utilizing “Character Counts” programs to assist in guiding students’ moral development. The precepts of this program would be a constant reminder when emblazoned on the interior walls with custom banners or colorful posters.


If your campus has gotten a little overgrown, updated wayfinding may be in order.

The right way – Wayfinding School Signage

Wayfinding can be a hassle at any large-scale institution. College campuses can be an absolute nightmare as things are often interspersed between different buildings or sections of the town. But wayfinding can also be an anxiety inducing difficulty in K-12 schools as well. This is especially the case when students transition between schools or new students arrive after the school year is already in session. In fact, American School & University found that excellent wayfinding is the best way to ease a transition.

In order for students, as well as teachers and other visitors to the campus, to find their way to the correct destinations, everything must be labeled clearly and correctly. And, obviously, there are certain places within the building that are off limits to students or certain personnel, and these areas must be demarcated plainly. Through updated wayfinding signage, it is a cinch to identify and locate administrative offices, classrooms, health facilities, restrooms and any other area that you wish to highlight within the building.

Image360 – Your school’s best friend

At Image360, our visual virtuosos can help you to create stunning signage for use in any area of your school’s campus. In addition to the visually arresting posters, banners, promotional items, wraps, and so much more that we create for schools every day, we can manufacture custom displays that you may have only dreamt of, such as kiosks, special cutouts and digital displays that are sure to impress anyone that steps foot into the building. With Image360, the only limit is your imagination.

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