Plastic Signs, Your Marketing BFF

Posted on May 27, 2014

With the amount of vehicle traffic increasing drastically every year, you can’t allow potential customers to drive by without seeing your message. Do they know about your upcoming event, what services you offer or what platform you’re promoting? It’s quite possible that they don’t, but you can change that. Stop losing out on valuable opportunities because of a lack of signage. Cheap plastic signage is now available in a variety of formats to get you the impressions and leads you need. Below, we’ve identified just a few of the many uses for yard, bandit and political plastic signs.

Bandit Signs

A short drive through neighborhood streets or along any main thoroughfare in your city will reveal the ubiquitous nature of bandit signs. Bandit signs, which take their moniker from the fact that many cities have

Bandit Coroplast Yard Sign

If your business depends on bringing folks to your front door, there’s no better option.

regulations regarding their installation on public property, are widely used by businesses for advertising and promotion in heavily traveled areas. And for good reason.

Bandit signs are primarily produced on Coroplast, a corrugated plastic medium that looks similar to cardboard but has many added benefits. Primarily, Coroplast has excellent adhesion qualities, allowing visuals to stick to the sign in the most abrasive of environments. This material is also lightweight, waterproof and resistant to most stains. And best of all, Coroplast signs are cheap to produce.

Because they are so affordable to produce and are available in a wide variety of colors, Coroplast bandit signs are the perfect solution for your guerilla advertising needs. We suggest checking on your local sign zoning laws, as signage that isn’t in compliance is usually removed within 24 to 72 hours. So, the next time you want to advertise those bulldog puppies you have for sale, stick some bandit signs next to the busy intersections in town and watch the inquiries start rolling in.

Yard Signs

Often manufactured from the same Coroplast used in bandit signs, yard signs are a great way to advertise anything that you can think of. While bandit signs are often placed on public grounds, usually on the sly and against city regulations, yard signage involves significantly more leeway for the poster. And did we mention that you can advertise almost anything you like? Just watch out for those pesky Homeowners Associations!

Yard signs are particularly effective advertising solutions for contractors, realty companies, landscapers and many other service providers and small businesses. They can be produced in single or double-sided varieties, and paired with wire stakes, they are a cinch to set up and remove. And as we mentioned earlier, since they are particularly affordable, they are the perfect solution for on-the-fly promotions

Do you have a yard sale coming up? Perhaps you would like to sell the RV that hasn’t seen the road since that cross-country road trip. Heck, yard signs are even great for advertising that shindig for your tyke’s fifth birthday. It’s your yard, so advertise anything your heart desires!

Campaign Signs
campaign & political signage

They might be ubiquitous, but nothing is more effective in campaigning than name reinforcement.

With primary elections on the horizon, campaign signs are literally all over the place. One right after another, signs on top of signs, overwhelmingly huge and embarrassingly small, well thought out or poorly executed, these signs have taken over the local landscape. And because they are cheap to produce and simple to erect, they are the go-to promotional choice for the advertising-savvy candidate.

In the political landscape, every campaign dollar counts. So, it behooves political candidates to make well-informed decisions when devising a campaign signage strategy. Choosing the colors for use on political signage is almost as important as the message itself, so conceive of your color scheme carefully. The shades that represent you can convey subtle, subliminal messages to voters. And just to be safe, perhaps you should stop by the Signs By Tomorrow blog and check out their post on the 2014 colors that will make your signage stand out.

Regardless of your needs, the graphic gurus at Image360 can help you realize your signage dreams. We can create custom yard signs for your next event or visuals to help you along the campaign trail. And if you fancy yourself a ‘bandit’, we can mass produce your desired visuals so they can be placed at every neighborhood entrance and exit; you’ll be sure to get the leads you’re looking for.

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