Prepping Hotel Signs for the Busy Travel Season

Posted on May 16, 2014

This is the time of year that hotels around the world are preparing their facilities for the influx of summertime travelers. The hospitality industry is unlike any other, a residential, leisure and business support environment in front of house, combined with a fast-paced, 24-hour service delivery system in back of house. And each area with its own particular needs and challenges.


Your old hotel signs might have character, but are they doing their job?

The guests that utilize you establishment are one of, if not the most important considerations for any hotel when establishing hotel signs a visual communications plan. Guest requirements include the need to be able to operate as independently as possible in finding specific rooms, locations, staff, or services. Not only will this alleviate stress placed upon staff, guests, many of whom are looking for a hassle-free vacation, will enjoy the independence of minimal staff interactions. Another important consideration are those guests with special needs. Support for those demographics includes clearly defined facilities and equal access.

Hotels that offer special events such as conferences and large gatherings should also invest in event signage to help attendees get to where they need to be. Keeping these guests informed about particular events ensures that everything runs smoothly and that your hotel will be a destination for large gatherings in the future.


A sign in a Taipei hotel adds class & clearly notes a room’s purpose.

For staff, signage must provide the informational, directional, identification, safety and security details to support the safe and efficient running of the facility. It’s fairly obvious that rooms should be labeled clearly and the exits demarcated plainly, but efficient labeling of staff only areas should take precedence. This will keep guests away from dangerous areas or spaces in which staff are conducting business and should not be disturbed. Again, this will minimize the interactions between staff and guests, which is important for guest comfort and facility efficiency.

Ensuring that your visual communications are durable and easy to update and maintain deserve emphasis as well. As staff will be charged with cleaning and general upkeep of the facility and grounds, hard-wearing signage will lead to time-saving cleaning procedures and will save valuable money and resources over the long term.


For management, in addition to all other critical considerations, signage must also meet appropriate building codes and fire regulations. These guidelines can differ significantly from state to state, even city to city, so it’s important to know and understand your local guidelines. In all cases, language diversity, special needs and other considerations may add complexity to sign content or image display.

First impressions count, and many things can contribute to the first impression you create with guests and visitors to your facility. Do they feel welcome? Cared for? Informed? Safe? Secure? One of the ways in which you

door exit no exit

You are not making your visitors feel safe and confident.

communicate the most clearly about who and what you are, is through the signage you select. This is especially true for hotels and resorts that also offer conference services. The conference and meeting industry is extremely competitive and custom welcome, directory and meeting signage will differentiate your above-and-beyond conference services, from those hotels offering sub-par meeting signage packages.

In working with hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and other hospitality businesses across the country, we create a range of custom interior and exterior hospitality sign products, renowned for their functionality, aesthetic simplicity and user-friendly attributes. These products can be used individually, or as a base from which to build a complete hospitality signage program. At Image360, we offer a variety of signs and messaging products to assist lodging and hospitality clients with all of their visual communications needs.

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