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The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage

By Sara Shaeffer, Franchise Marketing Account Manager, N. Glantz & Son The signage market is changing again! From Incandescent Lamps to Neon, to LED, and now to Dynamic Digital Signage; the world of signage continues to change around us. Are you ready to step up and participate in this change and remain relevant in today’s market place? From one digital ...

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Sign of the Times – Efficient Retail Marketing

By Mary Sol Gonzalez, owner, Image360-Boca Raton The end of the year fast approaching, many organizations are busy setting their budgets for 2014. Marketing is an area of attention when considering where your dollars will be spent, as it accounts for most of the new business that comes through your door. A good way to get more out of your marketing dollars is to ...

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