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Posted on May 16, 2014
Baseball Vinyl Wrap Advertising

If these seats are full, that’s great promotion. If they’re empty, they look great on TV!

Baseball is often cited as the quintessential American pastime, even though it’s widely believed to have been based on a mid-18th century British game. As immigrants began streaming into the United States in the 19th century, they brought the game with them and it eventually evolved into the modern incarnation of baseball. Now widely recognized and spoken of as the national sport of the States, it’s also incredibly popular in Central America, Europe and countless other places.

Besides the exciting atmosphere created by teams at the top of their game going head-to-head and thousands of screaming fans, a trip to the ballpark reveals the not-so-subtle relationship between advertising and professional sports. The Baltimore Orioles’ Camden Yards website reveals an average of 2.35 Million unique impressions annually, most visible both in park and on television. An eyesore if done callously, stimulating if done correctly, baseball advertising and the accompanying signage are a ubiquitous sight everywhere from local ballparks to major league stadiums. And since the season is in full-swing, grab your peanuts and Cracker Jacks and let’s not care if we never get back.

Welcome to the big leagues

Anheuser-Busch does it. So does Microsoft. Even the U.S. Army is in on the action. Sponsorship, a domain once primarily reserved for major corporations, can be a very beneficial marketing strategy for even the smallest companies. While sponsoring a major league team isn’t in most business’s budgets, smaller companies can get involved with sports or baseball advertising on a local level with youth leagues, high school teams or minor league clubs. Custom Pennants or Hanging Banners are a great way to get started.

Besides the benefit of greater community involvement, sponsorship is mutually advantageous for both organizations. The return on investment may not translate into actual dollars, and while measuring increased sales is important, brand awareness, lead generation and general community goodwill will go a long way in bolstering your brand.

Grand slam signage
Baseball Hanging Banner Advertising

A custom vinyl banner can hang anywhere, and stand up to rowdy fans & scorching sun.

There are countless opportunities for advertising at the baseball venue, anything from scoreboard spots and façade graphics to outfield wall banners and promotional items. The important thing to remember when designing signage for use at these venues is to ensure that it is durable and will stand the test of time. Weather-resistant material, as well as material that can withstand abuse from wild fans, is the best option for these high traffic areas that are often exposed to the elements. Image360 offers a number of great signage options for entertainment venues.

Cover your bases

For anyone that has ever stepped foot into a major league stadium, the hectic atmosphere and the all-too-often complicated layout can make it extremely difficult to figure out how to even find a place to grab a beer, let alone make your way to the appropriate section for your seat. Without a clearly delineated wayfinding plan or easily-understandable signage, fans may become lost and have trouble enjoying the action.

Major league stadiums are replete with countless areas, some that are suitable for guests and many that are not. Parking, security checks, gates, refreshment spaces and restroom locations are just a few of the challenges that test game day fans when they enter the park. Therefore it is imperative that wayfinding system designers immerse themselves in the fan experience, traveling potential user routes and determining likely destinations. With an understanding of the space, wayfinding signage can be designed and implemented to maximize the guests’ experience. When fans enjoy their experience without the anxiety of becoming lost and disoriented, they are more likely to tell others about their positive experience and return themselves.

Bush-league vending
Baseball Digital Menu Signage

Digital Menu Signage will let fans know when the beer is sold out or hot dogs are on special!

Although many stadiums are currently rethinking their vending needs and the associated signage, many more are continuing their business as usual. Mobile vendors almost always have their offerings branded on their carrier and traditional static signage abounds at the kiosks and establishments that serve food and drinks.

Making the transition to digital menu board content can drive otherwise lackluster sales. By adopting a digital menu board content strategy, stadiums can increase concession purchases, engage and stimulate fans, and best of all, digital signage can completely revitalize a stadium’s tired atmosphere.

Your cleanup hitter

Brand your next baseball game or event with sporting event graphics from Image360. We have many unique options for indoor and outdoor advertising and promotion. We have the visual elements that you need to communicate what you want to all of your event attendees. Additionally, our sluggers in the design department can assist you in designing one-of-a-kind solutions for all of your visual communications needs.

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