Thinking Outside the Box with QR Codes

Posted on November 15, 2013

QR codes have been around for several years now and, just like all technology, they have evolved. QR codes can be used in a variety of different ways that can benefit your business. Your QR code can lead a user to your website, social media page or contact information by simply scanning the code. QR codes can even be used to link to special promotions or gather reviews about your business.

Get With the Times

QR codes have evolved not only in terms of how they are used, but also in how they are constructed. There are three kinds of QR codes that you can make online within seconds.

  • Basic. The basic QR code can be made online at a variety of different sites including Qreateandtrack and Visualead. These QR codes are best suited for collateral that has a simple design and white space so that the QR code does not interrupt the overall design.
  • Image Overlay. Some QR code generation websites, such as Visualead, allow you to overlay your custom QR code over an image and turn the entire image into a QR Custom QR Codecode. With most of the image being conserved, this technology is great for turning your logo into even more of a marketing tool.
  • Partial Image Overlay. If you are looking to add a code to a much larger design such as a vehicle wrap, you may want to consider a partial image overlay. With a partial image you can seamlessly add a QR to your project without sacrificing space.

Get Tracking

Tracking technology has evolved along with QR codes. So has the technology behind the tool. QR code analytics are now available on most QR code generation sites with the data ranging from click counts to the GPS location where the code was scanned. These analytics now allow users to track the usage of their code over time to see how their campaign is performing in real time.

Get Creative

In an increasingly mobile world, QR codes can help you achieve greater results from your visual communications. Nearly any graphic or printed materials you use to promote your products, services or ideas can incorporate an instant link to any online content you choose to present. Trade show and exhibition graphics, POP displays, event flyers — all are candidates for the addition of a QR code to expedite access to your promotional materials. With a little creative thought you can come up with many innovative uses for them, including event registration, announcing new products or services, contest entry forms, social media subscriptions and much more.

Unleash your imagination, get creative and break out of the box!

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