Top Retail Pop-up Stores

Posted on October 20, 2014

You’ll find one in just about every town around this time of year. They’ll be packed with parents and excited children looking for the perfect trick-or-treat costume. The tent-stores in your shopping mall’s parking lot, or gathered in miniature boom-towns along freeway exits. You’ll also find them in the form of calendar kiosks in shopping malls. Large corporations like Target, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are even getting in on the trend to push boutique retail lines. Countless restaurateurs have experimented with the form, as have cultural behemoths like Game of Thrones and The Beatles.

It seems counterintuitive to what a store should be. Barring those that exist solely as online businesses, a brick-and-mortar location seems like a must. They signify community roots, they’re easily identifiable and they serve as a base of operations. But is that really necessary? Pop-up stores have become a trend with a distinct set of advantages. The benefits include fresh marketing opportunities, a forum for testing new locations, markets or products and they are a relatively low-cost risk. Sometimes they’re used simply for creative engagement with a brand’s disciples. Most importantly, they draw attention; and what brand couldn’t benefit from a little more attention?

Zuo Corp.
Zuo Corp Pop-Up Store Display w/ Mirror Walls

Wow, they have a lot of clothes in this little booth… or do they?

The pop-up store for obscure clothier Zuo Corp. made our list of top shops because of the sheer ingenuity with which it was created. A collaboration with Polish architects Super Super and Inside/Outside, the Zuo Corp. pop-up store was a mind-bending fusion of fashion and illusion. To infinitely expand the space inside the mobile office container in which it was situated, the walls and ceilings were lined with mirrors, the floor was covered in black linoleum and LED lights were placed strategically throughout the space, turning the miniscule store into an infinite retail experience.

Adidas Pop-Up Shoebox Store

We suppose it’s only natural to find shoes in a shoebox, but usually one pair. A pop-up store display breaks the trend.

Playing to their strengths and their audience, the Adidas pop-up store was a haven for brand devotees. To celebrate the return of their best-selling trainers, the Stan Smith, Adidas created a shop inside a scale replica of a shoebox. But what really made the project successful were the bells and whistles that lured shoe fans through the doors. Featuring interactive flooring with 3D graphics that were guest controlled, 3D printers churning out user-created lace locks and the ability for guests to create personalized logos, the tech may have been as big of a draw as the shoes.  

Hublot Pop-Up Store

Walls and Ceilings are abstract concepts to define a space – Image360 can help you creatively define your space.

In lieu of an actual structure, the pop-up store for luxury watchmaker Hublot was one of the more temporary in nature that we’ve seen. Produced in Singapore’s Paragon Shopping Mall, the store was created in a collaboration with a Singapore designer. Called the “Big Bang,” the shop was actually a two-story installation constructed of black gems that cascaded from the mall ceiling to the floor. It was only open for 2 weeks and contained over $20 million worth of merchandise!

If your creative juices are flowing and you’re thinking about how a pop-up event could benefit your brand, don’t forget about the signage. Without it, how will anyone know that that colossal, awe-inspiring, here today, gone tomorrow marketplace is yours? We both know that you already have amazing products and that your service is top-notch. So let Image360 give you a hand with creating awesome signage for your shipping container, larger-than-life replica or temporary gem palace in the middle of the mall. We’ll work together to make your temporary store a permanent success.


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