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Posted on December 11, 2015
lighted sign lightbox sign

This is a roadside lightbox sign. Attractive, Eye Catching, Boring.

Lighted & Illuminated Signs typically come in two varieties. Lightboxes and Neon. Neon can be a great, vibrant eye catcher, but it’s definitely not appropriate for every business. Meanwhile, the conventional plastic rectangle lightbox is tried, true, visible, affordable, and effective at catching eyes and making an impression. It can also be incredibly boring and predictable.

If you’re thinking of a new installation for lighted signs or an upgrade to dated illuminated display, check out these bright ideas from Image360.

Edgelit Signs: As Sophisticated As You Need Them To Be

Global Networks Edgelit Sign

One popular form of Edgelit Sign is a routed logo plate placed over a Lighted Frame.

Custom-designed edgelit signs from Image360 are often ideal for interiors where you need your logo or message to standout. Select from types with opaque or transparent fronts that can be edgelit with any color – including dramatic UV or ultraviolet black light options. Cutout edgelit signs are also popular, creating depth and enhancing your custom design by reproducing it in light instead of in print.

Yet another exciting option are those in extruded acrylic. Often mounted as menus or message boards, they can be updated at any time with UV markers that will make your messages glow.

Digital Signs: The Smartest Way To Update Your Messages

Digital Signage Menu Sign

Digital Display Signage can be changed at any time, virtually for free, so you’re not losing an investment.

Like no other illuminated option, flat screen digital displays from Image360 enable you to update your messages quickly and conveniently – often from a desktop or handheld device. As a result, digital signage can be an ideal solution for restaurants that change menus frequently – or for businesses and organizations that seek to display differing promotional messages, emergency notifications or specific even directions to visitors who seek guidance from wayfinding kiosks.

Specialty Light Boxes: New Designs Offer Flexibility

Changable Lightbox Sign

With light boxes, it used to be that you had to swap out the entire front panel if you wanted to change any portion of it. Not anymore, thanks to specialty light boxes from Image360. In the Lightbox at left, we created a grid format with multiple panels, you can now update any one or several grid sections far more conveniently and affordably than replacing the entire sign.

From Image360, More Ways to Brighten Your Day

Regardless of the type of signage you choose, Image360 will help you select just the right setup for your location and the information you need to share. Our specialists will take care of your licensing requirements, handle any needed electrical contracting and ensure that your new lighted signage brightens your business.

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