Is Your Workplace Design Promoting Success?

Posted on February 7, 2014

Knowing the value of making a great first impression, many business owners will expend time and effort to ensure their public spaces contribute to the success of their enterprise. But once you travel beyond the main lobby and public spaces, so many business owners forget the value of creative and stimulating workplace design on their employees and their success. A stimulating workplace design, with graphics & architecture that foster achievement, can make all the difference in the world.

Creative Office Design Lobby
All too often, a creative design in the office lobby…  

Given the importance of workplace environment, are businesses doing enough to ensure they are getting the best results possible from their employees? Maybe not, according to M. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates, Inc., a global design and architecture firm with offices in 43 cities in 14 countries worldwide.

Gensler conducted a workplace survey of more than 2,000 office workers in 2006. They learned that nine out of 10 respondents believe workplace design affects their productivity. But only 50 percent of them think that their current workplace design encourages innovation and creativity. 

“In reality, office space is as much a tool to enhance productivity as the latest and best computer technology. And, a productive office environment is a happy one, filled with efficient employees who want to work and wouldn’t think about leaving for other pastures,” observes Jason Hughes, president and CEO of Hughes Marino in an article titled, “Office Design Is Pivotal to Employee Productivity.” 

Poor Office Design - Cube Farm

… ends in cube farms just past the front door.  

When you consider that workers spend an average of about 33 percent of their lives at the office (Dobrin 2012), creating an effective, pleasing workplace design is not just an aesthetic choice, but also a practical one.  A well-designed working environment is comprised of many different elements: wall treatments, graphics, lighting, layout, furniture, air quality, temperature, flooring and signage.

Properly planned, all of these items can create a workplace design that brings out the best results from your team.

Workplace Design as a Reflection of Your Company

The rise of hip offices at business giants such as Google, Facebook and Zappos opened the doors to a contemporary approach to office space at all kinds of businesses. Bland color schemes, generic artwork on the walls, and rows and rows of cubicles are no longer the only option. More businesses are escaping the humdrum and instead choosing to capture the essence of their work in a dynamic workplace design.

Image360 Custom Office Graphics

Let Image360 save your workplace from the humdrum.  

“Companies can gain enormous benefit when they think of the workplace as an integral investment in the real value of a business—its people,” Gensler concludes.

Image360 applies that thinking to each design as a reflection of the individual company, so each office has the potential to become more than an attractive space. The result is energized employees and a space with a personality that matches the nature of the organization. Image360 can assess the needs of any business — large or small — and apply that information graphically for an office design and signage solution that works for you.

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